The Evolutionary Biology Collection

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Francesco Redi, Opere, seconda edizione napoletana corretta e migliorata, Napoli, a spese di Michele Stasi, 1778.

This collection was started in 1945 by Professor Mario Francesco Canella, who was at that time Head of the University Zoology Institute as well as Director of Ferrara Natural History Museum, both located in the present seat of the Museum building.

The collection consists of more than 200 volumes, including core works of the 18th and 19th centuries on zoology, protistology and evolution. Among the most important 18th century editions it is worth mentioning those by the world renowned naturalists Vallisneri and Linneo, and the seven volumes edition (Naples, 1778) of Opere by Francesco Redi, the famous Italian physician, naturalist and poet who first challenged the theory of ‘spontaneous generation’ and is therefore considered the founder of experimental biology.

The collection also includes important 19th century zoology works by Buffon, Lamarck and Haeckel; works by Bucqoy, Deutzenberg and Dollfuss in the evolution fields and protistology works by Balbiani and Gruber.


The collection is available at: Santa Maria delle Grazie Chemistry and Life sciences Library map


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