Special collections

last modified Sep 13, 2019 11:50 AM



Our special collections include a great variety of books dating from the 15th to the early 20th century. Since 2009, thanks to the financial support of the University, several care and promotion projects have been carried out by the Library System,  i.e. restoration of some damaged items, relocation of parts of the collections as well as  cataloguing. All the rare books collections, previously held in many different University departments, are now located inside our libraries, where  they can be better taken care of and made available to the public.  Many of these items are often used in the libraries premises by academic staff, both for research and teaching purposes. Promotion strategies have also become a key theme for the Library System, aiming at sharing knowledge of its precious heritage to new audiences; many projects have been carried out and more are to be carried out in the next few years. New media for education and communication, as well as collaboration with the University Centre for E-Learning (se@unife) and with  the University Museums are helping us to create new Educational projects, whose aim is to enhance use of the University rich heritage, both in libraries and in museums, to the best advantage of all scholars, students and all other users.


List of the books restored since 2012 and of the ones still under treatment