The University of Ferrara library System

last modified Dec 20, 2019 09:45 AM

The University of Ferrara Library System consists of nine libraries organized in three main areas (Arts and Humanities, Economics, Law Area, Science and Technology Area, Life Sciences and Biomedical Area) as well as offices that manage all general activities such as acquisitions of bibliographic materials (print, electronic and multimedia resources) and all goods and services needed by the libraries. sba
Other centrally managed services are InterLibrary Loans and Document Delivery requests from all unife institutional users, hardware-software acquisition, maintainance and support, web portal management and also the Online Annals of the Università di Ferrara.
Libraries deal with all front-office activities for users: general and subject specific reference, assistance for catalogues and e-resources use, book loans, Interlibro service (ILL between local libraries sharing the BiblioFe catalogue), DD and ILL requests from other lItalian and foreign libraries.
Libraries staff also deals with all back-office activities such as acquisition suggestions by academic staff, cataloguing and management of all physical items received by library.